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Location: Wiedemanni 7, Türi linn, Järvamaa
The church is probably built in the 13th century. What makes it different among the other churches in Järva county is that it has two portals, one in the west and one in the south which judging by its rich decoration marked the main entrance once. In 19...
Location: Valjala alevik, Valjala vald, Saaremaa
Right after the Ordelian conquest in 1227 a chapel was built to Valjala. A layer of its walls is still there as is a fragment of the paintings that beautified the chapel--the church stands on top of the chapel. There are also pieces of the Vikings relat...
Location: Neemisküla, Rannu vald, Tartumaa, 61109
The Renaissance pulpit in this church is the oldest preserved in the Baltics having its frame from 1554 and stairs and sound-box from the 17th century. Though the church is built in the 15th century there is knowledge that a priest was in Rannu al...
Location: Vändra alev, Vändra vald (alev), Pärnumaa
Vändra church, a humble building from the 18th century, sets in the parish that once was a part of Alempois, an independent parish of ancient Estonia. It is not the first church on the Church Hill, nor in the parish, the ones in close by Kalmar...
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