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Essu Manor

Category Historical Attractions, Architectural sightseeings, Manor houses, Castles
Essu küla, Haljala vald, Lääne-Virumaa, 45303
Coordinates 59.430279, 26.368889
GPS: 59° 25' 49" N, 26° 22' 8" E

Essu manor was first mentioned in 1496 but Essu as a place
habited by man has a history that reaches back to 8000 BC. In
1402 the Essu village found a new owner, the Wrangel noble
family. After the manor was established it belonged to their family
or their descendants for more than three hundred years. The
building that we see today was extensively rebuilt in the 20th
century. It is being used for lodging and hosting.

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