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Nõva Püha Olevi kirik

Category Architectural sightseeings, Churches
Nõva küla, Nõva vald, Läänemaa
Coordinates 59.220654, 23.689087
GPS: 59° 13' 14" N, 23° 41' 21" E

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Category: Tourism objects
Location: Dirhami küla / Derhamn, Noarootsi vald, Läänemaa
Dirham was a domain of Estonian Swedes. Until 1944 that is. The Osmussaare earthquake of 4.75 magnitudes on Richter’s Scale took place just opposite to Dirham – being the strongest ever rumour spread it really was an explosion on a Soviet subma...
Location: Lossiplats 1, Haapsalu linn, Läänemaa, 90502
The Haapsalu Bishop’s Castle and Cathedral, which was established in the 13th century as the centre of the Saare-Lääne Diocese, is one of the best preserved castles in Estonia. Visit the museum complex in the convent building where you will find ...
Location: Promenaadi 1, Haapsalu linn, Läänemaa, 90502

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