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Haapsalu Kuursaal

Category Historical Attractions, Historical Attractions, Architectural sightseeings
Promenaadi 1, Haapsalu linn, Läänemaa, 90502
Coordinates 58.950298, 23.537455
GPS: 58° 57' 1" N, 23° 32' 15" E

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Category: Tourism objects
Location: Dirhami küla / Derhamn, Noarootsi vald, Läänemaa
Dirham was a domain of Estonian Swedes. Until 1944 that is. The Osmussaare earthquake of 4.75 magnitudes on Richter’s Scale took place just opposite to Dirham – being the strongest ever rumour spread it really was an explosion on a Soviet subma...
Location: Lossiplats 1, Haapsalu linn, Läänemaa, 90502
The Haapsalu Bishop’s Castle and Cathedral, which was established in the 13th century as the centre of the Saare-Lääne Diocese, is one of the best preserved castles in Estonia. Visit the museum complex in the convent building where you will find ...
Location: Raudtee 2, Haapsalu linn, Läänemaa, 90504
Haapsalu railway station’s 1907 built roofed platform was once the longest in Europe. The station’s posh look was meant to welcome the crowned heads from St. Petersburg. There is even a room called the Emperor’s Pavilion in the station. There i...

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