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Location: Põlva vald, Põlvamaa
The Big and Small Taevaskoda on the banks of the Ahja River is one of the most beautiful places in Estonia comprising of the sandstone outcrops surrounded by coniferous forests. The Big Taevaskoda, the highest of the two outcrops, is up to 22.5 met...
Location: Kata küla, Kose vald, Harjumaa, 75120
In Tuhala karst area, peoples’ whereabouts for 3000 years, there is the Witch’s Well. Connected to the underground river, the spring waters make it overflow, “boil” – a lore says witches are whisking in the well. When the high water comes down ...
Location: Valaste küla, Kohtla vald, Ida-Virumaa, 41557
Valaste waterfall of 30.5 meters is the highest in Estonia. When the water is high Valaste is beautiful and grand. When the water is less it is just beautiful. Behind the water there is a striped wall of different colors revealing the last 80 billion ye...
Location: Kolga alevik, Kuusalu vald, Harjumaa
Viru bog’s nature learning path is 3.5 kilometers long and trafficable in every season. It introduces bog plants, sand dunes and peat shale that used to be there and how the shale has influenced the local environment. The wooden path has a watchtower by...
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Tourist Attractions

Läänemaa, Haapsalu linn
Raplamaa, Märjamaa vald, Vanamõisa küla
Hiiumaa, Käina vald, Vaemla küla

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