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Location: Altja küla, Vihula vald, Lääne-Virumaa
The old village pub of Altja ia a wooden building with a thatched roof. The interior is plain and dark, you sit on simple wooden benches to enjoy traditional local dishes. The quality of the food is very good. Here you get the kind of food Estonian moth...
Category: Museums
Location: Adamsoni tn 3, Paldiski linn, Harjumaa
Location: Valguse tee 1, Ambla alevik, Ambla vald, Järvamaa
The Livonian Order dedicated this simple stronghold looking church to one of their main saints, Virgin Mary. The Latin phrase describing her, Ampla Maria, has given the name to the whole borough. The churches Medieval interior was destroyed in the...
Location: Angerja küla, Kohila vald, Raplamaa
The vassal fortress in Angerja was originally constructed in the 14th and 15th centuries, but was rebuilt and modernised several times thereafter.   The Angerja fortress is one of the oldest stone structures in Rapla County. The vassal ...
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Saaremaa, Muhu vald, Linnuse küla
Läänemaa, Noarootsi vald, Osmussaare küla / Odensholm

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