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Estonian Dairy Museum

Category Museums, Tourism objects
Hans Rebase 1, Järvamaa, 72401
Coordinates 58.733570, 25.766600
GPS: 58° 44' 1" N, 25° 45' 60" E
Phone (+372) 389 7533
Mobile (+372) 503 3886
E-mail info@piimandusmuuseum.ee
Website http://www.piimandusmuuseum.ee/

The emphasis on the development of dairying in Estonia increased considerably in the second half of the 19th century. It was decided to record the history of dairying in Estonia for future generations because both manufacturing and processing of milk have been of significant importance for the country. The Estonian Dairy Museum in Imavere was founded in 1976, but opened its doors to visitors in 2001 - exactly 25 years after its establishment.
You can visit the Estonian Dairy Museum from Tuesdays to Saturdays. Groups can pre-book guided tours. The museum's workshops, where visitors can make butter or ice cream, are very popular.


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