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Kabli Birdstation

Category Natural attractions, Natural attractions
Kabli küla, Häädemeeste vald, Pärnumaa
Coordinates 58.014309, 24.449421
GPS: 58° 0' 52" N, 24° 26' 58" E
Phone (+372) 676 7933
E-mail kabli.looduskeskus@rmk.ee
Website http://www.kabli.nigula.ee

The Kabli bird station was established in 1969. At that time, Henn Vilbaste, the former director of Nigula Nature Reserve, decided to establish here a Helgoland type bird trap.

During the birds autumn migration (August to November), the bird trap operates around the clock: indeed, during migration, birds often gather on the coastline, that they use as a guideline to keep their migration route. The trap usually catch the bird who fly low, looking for food or resting.

The mouth of the Kabli trap is large and high (about 17m) and almost unvisible. Then, the birds fly to the very end of the trap, and then they are caught into a cage and brought to a ringing house to determine the sex, the age, the species, and to be ringed. Then the birds are released.

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