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Location: Albu küla, Albu vald, Järvamaa, 73405
One of the oldest order manors in Järva County and Estonia was first mentioned in 1282. The main building, barn, arched bridge, granary, distillery and park of the manor complex have survived until today. The décor of the manor is simple and laconic. Th...
Location: Nurme küla, Nissi vald, Harjumaa, 76215
The total area of the Reserve is 54 ha, of which 26 ha is located in the special management zone and 28 ha in the limited management zone. Alema Nature Reserve is unique in Estonia and it has been established particularly for the conservation of ...
Location: Kiriku 9, Narva linn, Ida-Virumaa
Built in the end of the 19th century the biggest church in Estonia was severely damaged in the World War II, among other things its tower was destroyed. Typically it was used as a storehouse during the Soviet time and is only currently being resto...
Location: Saarde vald, Pärnumaa
You can see larger underground caves on the slope of the Allikukivi Valley near Kilingi-Nõmme Town. The caves that were created by subsurface water were found in 1961. They are 33 m long and up to 2.7 m high. The ground water that gather on the bottom ...
Location: Altja küla, Vihula vald, Lääne-Virumaa
The old village pub of Altja ia a wooden building with a thatched roof. The interior is plain and dark, you sit on simple wooden benches to enjoy traditional local dishes. The quality of the food is very good. Here you get the kind of food Estonian moth...
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Tourist Attractions

Tartumaa, Tartu linn
Tartumaa, Tartu vald, Kukulinna küla
Valgamaa, Tõrva linn

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