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Estonian southernmost Nature trail

Category Natural attractions, Nature Reserves
Karisöödi küla, Mõniste vald, Võrumaa
Coordinates 57.552223, 26.565556
GPS: 57° 33' 8" N, 26° 33' 56" E

Go from Saru on Võru-Valga road to Kuutsi - Tiitsa - Karisöödi - Ura - Naha (14 km). The nature trail is 4,8 km long and it takes approximately a 2-3 hours walk to pass it. The trail begins near a big oak tree in Naha farm and runs along the Estonian-Latvian border. It is interesting to know that one can not set its foot down on the Estonian southernmost point – the exact geographical southernmost point of Estonia lies right in the middle of the River Peetri.

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