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Kihnu Museum

Category Museums, galleries, Souvenirs
Linaküla, Kihnu vald, Pärnumaa, 88003
Coordinates 58.133331, 23.981388
GPS: 58° 7' 60" N, 23° 58' 53" E
Phone (+372) 446 9717
E-mail muuseum@kihnu.ee
Website http://www.kihnumuuseum.ee

Kuihnu Museum is like an anchor in preserving and introducing the cultural space of Kihnu, which has been entered in the UNESCO heritage list.

The museum was founded in the former schoolhouse of Sääreküla Village in 1974 and thoroughly renovated in 2009. You will find everything that concerns the everyday lives of people in the museum – tools, clothes, handicrafts, furniture. You will also find exhibitions that introduce famous Kihnu men, such as historian Theodor Saar, Captain Enn Uuetoa and silversmith Peeter Rooslaid, and the works of Kihnu naivists.

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