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Eesti Noorsooteater - Nukuteatrimuuseum

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Lai tn 1 / Nunne tn 4, Kesklinn, Tallinn, Harjumaa, 10133
Coordinates 59.438370, 24.743315
GPS: 59° 26' 18" N, 24° 44' 36" E
Phone (+372) 667 9555
E-mail info@eestinoorsooteater.ee
Website http://www.eestinoorsooteater.ee

Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences is a theatre for young viewers aged 5-15. The content, theatrical language and artistic quality of productions aimed at young viewers also speak to adult theatre enthusiasts. Alongside shows created for the main target group, the repertory always includes productions for adults and smaller children.

The Theatre is the only theatre in Estonia that consistently includes puppet and visual theatre productions in its repertory. When creating productions, we look for a dialogue of the goals of content and visual forms of expression.

The Theatre also comprises the Museum of Puppetry Arts. There have been various temporary thematic exhibitions that displayed Estonian theatre masks, puppeteers’ jubilee exhibitions, television puppets, shadow theatre in all its versatility, puppet exhibitions from abroad and much more. From the very start, the museum has been closely connected with the adjoining theatre –performances, meetings with actors and theatrerelated workshops take place in the museum.

The goal of the museum is to introduce everything that is created and done in the theatre, and to provide inspiration for alternative teaching methods by introducing the method of puppet-thinking as a means of self-development.

Cafe Hendrik is a place for theatre and museum visitors and for anyone stepping in from the street. We offer soups during lunch hours and a variety of sandwiches, cakes, pastries and drinks throughout the day.

Opening times:
T-P 10.00-18.00

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