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Viljandi Museum

Category Museums, Tourism objects
Johan Laidoneri plats 10, Viljandi linn, Viljandimaa, 71020
Coordinates 58.363056, 25.599722
GPS: 58° 21' 47" N, 25° 35' 59" E
Phone (+372) 433 3316
E-mail info@muuseum.viljandimaa.ee
Website http://www.muuseum.viljandimaa.ee

Since 1878 local activities for studying the history of Viljandi and its neighbourhood have been carried out. Born on that ground, the Museum of Viljandi has become the major centre for the history of Viljandi County. We attempt to present the information gathered during a century and to be a partner for those searching their way into the interesting world of the past.

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