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Estonian Road Museum

Category Museums, galleries, Free time
Varbuse küla, Kanepi vald, Põlvamaa, 63101
Coordinates 58.016109, 26.913055
GPS: 58° 0' 58" N, 26° 54' 47" E
Phone (+372) 799 3057
E-mail maanteemuuseum@mnt.ee

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Location: Pargi 28, Räpina linn, Põlvamaa, 64505
The museum in situated in Sillapää castle which is surrounded by the park rich in species. The exhibition at the Räpina Local History and Gardening Museum provides an overview of the manor and parish of Räpina, the history of the town, its tradition of ...
Category: Free time
Location: Pikajärve küla, Kanepi vald, Põlvamaa, 63410
The outlying buildings and grounds of the fairytale Cantervilla Castle  are home to a theme park and playland reflecting the manor period.   There is plenty of fun to be had by the whole family - for the whole day! You can see how ...
Category: Free time
Location: Süvahavva küla, Räpina vald, Põlvamaa, 64220

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