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Category: Dining
Location: Ööbiku talu, Kuimetsa küla, Rapla vald, Raplamaa, 79302
The chef and host of Ööbiku Gastronomy Farm  Ants Uustalu  is most renowned and appreciated in the world of Estonian cuisine. He values high-quality raw produce, pure tastes and flavours from local farms, classic culinary techniques and fine a...
Category: Free time
Location: Saare tn 11, Kaerepere alevik, Kehtna vald, Raplamaa, 79520
POOL, GYM, CONFERENCE ROOMS, SAUNA, ACCOMMODATION, HAIRDRESSER, TANNING BOOTH   meals and bar childrens pool, massage pool private sauna massage on Tue and Fri 16-22 beach volley grounds, gym, football ground, te...
Location: Sõtke küla, Märjamaa vald, Raplamaa, 78318
Location: Tallinna mnt 43-17, Rapla linn, Raplamaa, 79512
Location: Soone talu, Kumma küla, Kehtna vald, Raplamaa, 79523
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Läänemaa, Noarootsi vald, Osmussaare küla / Odensholm

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