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Estonian Mining Museum

Category Museums, galleries, Free time
Kohtla-Nõmme alev, Jaama tänav 100, Toila vald, Ida-Virumaa, 30503
Coordinates 59.350002, 27.174036
GPS: 59° 21' 0" N, 27° 10' 27" E
Phone (+372) 332 4017
E-mail info@kaevandusmuuseum.ee
Website http://kaevandusmuuseum.ee

An underground museum has been opened in the former Kohtla mines. Join an excursion with a guide to see how oil shale is mined and the machinery and technology that is used to do so. Take a ride on an underground train and try your hand at drilling, using a real drill! The above-ground exhibits and underground visit take around one hour and a half to see and complete. The museum provides every visitor with a special jacket, helmet and miner’s lamp.

Starting from 20 October 2011 until spring 2012 the underground exhibition at the mine is being completely redesigned. The other parts of the museum remain open for visits, and we still offer miners' lunches when booked in advance.

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