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Kosmonautika Holiday Centre

Category Accommodation, Accommodation Packages, Motels, Recreation Centers, Catering, organizing of parties and entertainments, Saunas
Penu küla, Häädemeeste vald, Pärnumaa, 86014
Coordinates 58.034798, 24.458069
GPS: 58° 2' 5" N, 24° 27' 29" E
Mobile (+372) 503 4829
E-mail info@kosmonautika.ee
Website http://www.kosmonautika.ee

We will guarantee that you will spend the sunniest summer vacation in Estonia in the legendary „Vzmorje” holiday resort at the seaside! The location of the resort for meritorious cosmonauts and scientists was chosen according to research, which indicated this to be the sunniest place in the whole western coast of USSR. According to the village legends, the first female cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova herself had walked on these beaches!


The best way to get acquainted with the beautiful coastline is to rent a bike from Kosmonautika’s information point.


The seaside apartment houses are perfect for families with children or smaller groups of people to spend shorter or longer beach holidays. The apartment houses have 2 rooms, 4 beds and a kitchen corner. Apartment houses are of different sizes, the bigger ones accommodate up to 6 people. Altogether there are 9 apartments with 36 beds.


The history of Kosmonautika dates back to 1960s, when the Central Research Institute of Precision Mechanical Engineering of USSR, “ЦНИИТОЧМАШ” started to plan the construction of the “Vzmorje” holiday resort. The design was made by EKE Projekt and the resort was built in 1971–1983.


In addition to accommodation facilities, a monumental club house was built for the guests. The club house had the most remarkable sauna with a swimming pool, whereas the house itself was decorated with glass walls and a gigantic panorama of Moscow, which all seemed as a fairy tale to local people…


The local people soon named the mysterious enclosure a summerhouse of cosmonauts. Apart from meritorious scientists of USSR, cosmonauts were also believed to spend their summers here. According to the legends, the best local berry and mushroom forests were also discovered by the first female cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova.

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