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Muhu Museum

Category Museums, galleries, Historical Attractions, Tourism objects, Guides, Museums
Koguva küla, Muhu vald, Saaremaa, 94724
Coordinates 58.596581, 23.082397
GPS: 58° 35' 48" N, 23° 4' 57" E
Phone (+372) 454 8872
Mobile (+372) 501 1566
E-mail muuseum@muhumuuseum.ee
Website http://www.muhumuuseum.ee

Muhu Muuseum is situated in the middle of Koguva village. In Estonia, the village is known above all as the birthplace of writer Juhan Smuul. The Muhu Museum exhibition buildings open to guests are: Tooma farm complex, 19th century Koguva village school which presents the conditions of Muhu school life and culture, and the permanent exhibition about ethnographic Muhu textile (folk costumes, blankets (1850-1940)) at the central building in Välja farm; in addition, there are temporary exhibitions. The Art Stable houses the museum shop.


The heart of the museum is Juhan Smuul’s birthplace, Tooma farm – its many buildings give a nice overview of rural Muhu architecture. In the threshing room of the dwelling house rebuilt in the 1950s you can see the furnishings of that era and a photo exhibit about Juhan Smuul.
The museum was opened in 1973 as Juhan Smuul’s museum. Since 1990 it has been called Muhu Museum and it is an institution of the Muhu parish.


For opening information, see www.muhumuuseum.ee


Muhu Musem at Koguva village


The Art Stable of Muhu Museum at Koguva village


Eemu Windmill in Linnuse village

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