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Category Museums, galleries, Free time
Kooli 5, Haapsalu linn, Läänemaa, 90502
Coordinates 58.949165, 23.540833
GPS: 58° 56' 57" N, 23° 32' 27" E
Phone (+372) 583 62803
E-mail imedemaa@salm.ee

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Category: Accommodation
Location: Männi tee 10, Läänemaa, 91220
Spithami village in Noarootsi rural district in Lääne County is a settlement of old coastal Swedes, surrounded by a forest rich in berries and mushrooms, a sea rich in fish, and fresh air with numerous bird species.   These two log buil...
Location: Raudtee 2, Haapsalu linn, Läänemaa, 90504
The former terminal station of the railway was constructed between 1903 and 1905 to serve the resort town of Haapsalu. With its mysterious and grand station building, it now invites you to discover the nearly century and a half of Estonian railways and ...
Location: Sadama 31/32, Haapsalu linn, Läänemaa, 90502
This museum in Haapsalu introduces the thousand-year-old settlements of the coastal Swedes in Estonia. In the house inaugurated by the King of Sweden, you can acquaint yourself with their unique cultural heritage and see a 20-metre embroidered rug that ...

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