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“The Magical World of Theatre Puppets” at the Pärnu Museum

14.October 2023
Eesti Noorsooteater

Theatre is a mysterious place where inanimate objects may come to life and the impossible may become possible. The travelling exhibition “The Magical World of Theatre Puppets” of the Museum of Puppetry Arts takes the visitor behind the scenes of that mysterious world, introducing the process of creating a production, the making of theatre puppets, and their animation.




The Museum of Puppetry Arts, which is usually located in the Old Town of Tallinn, started to travel around Estonia on its birthday in March this year and has shown this exhibition in Põlva, Valga, and Palmse by now. Up to the beginning of the new year, the exhibition can be seen at the Pärnu Museum.



The exhibition “The Magical World of Theatre Puppets” brings to the audience some examples of eight productions, presenting information about each puppet type and production through them. For instance, on the stage introducing marionettes it is possible to manipulate the puppet that is a copy of the one used in the production Fairy Dewdrop in 1944. It is an extremely fascinating marionette, being even older than the Puppet Theatre. It is also the oldest puppet in the collection of the Museum of Puppetry Arts. In addition, the exhibition displays copies of the puppets used in productions Garbage Wolf and Super Rabbit; Babe; Emma and the Time Stone, or the Theatre of Puppets; Cinderella; The Golden Key, or The Hitherto Unknown Adventures of Buratino; Wisdom or Fear of Life; and Little Illimar. To make it possible for the visitors to manipulate such puppets themselves, the puppet makers of the Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences have made copies of the original puppets, based on the drafts made for the original puppets as well as photos of the productions. The informational texts and drawings displayed at the exhibition and in the accompanying booklet help the visitor understand the various puppet types and get better acquainted with them.



“The Magical World of Theatre Puppets” brings added value to the local cultural life; enabling schools, kindergartens, and families to step into the magical world of theatre puppets without having to embark on a long journey. The exhibition will stay open at the Pärnu Museum from 28 September till 7 January. To check the timetable of this travelling exhibition, please visit the website 


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