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The International Visual Theatre Festival Tallinn Treff 25–28 May 2023

10.May 2023
Tallinn Treff

Come and collect spring-fresh theatre experiences at the festival Tallinn Treff!

The International Visual Theatre Festival Tallinn Treff, organised by the Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences (ETYA), offers theatre friends of all ages a unique opportunity to experience world-class visual theatre from different countries without leaving Estonia.

Tallinn Treff, which is taking place for the 13th time, brings to the audience an expansive and versatile programme. It comprises 13 productions from abroad (Finland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Slovenia), as well as several productions and projects related to visual theatre from Estonia. Spectators from each age group, from small children to youth and adults, will find experiences that resonate with them from this carefully chosen selection.

The festival, which has evolved into a meeting place for contemporary puppet, object, material, physical, and multimedia theatre, continuously seeks an inspiring dialogue between content and form, traditions and innovation.


The majority of productions are either wordless or in English.
The performances will take place at the ETYA and in different places in Tallinn.

Tickets are available in Piletilevi’s online store and at Piletilevi salespoints, as well as at the box office of the ETYA.

Additional information at:



Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences
Lai 1 / Nunne 4 · 10133 Tallinn
Information and ticket orders 6679 555


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