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The magical world of the puppet theater

27.October 2022
The magical world of the puppet theater

The Puppet Theater Museum is home to about eight hundred theater puppets that have ever appeared on the theater stage. A part of these rare dolls is presented to the public in the exhibition of the Puppet Theater Museum. The permanent exhibition introduces different types of puppets, you can play with table puppets, stick puppets and marionettes.

The rod puppets room is dedicated to the actress Helle Laas of the Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences (formerly Puppet Theater), whose screen theater productions have brought up several generations of children. At the exhibition, you can set, rod and pin puppets in motion or be a spectator instead.



The theater puppets from Taavi Tõnisson's production "Little Gavroche" are exhibited in the room introducing table puppets. The exhibition features specially made replica dolls of two characters from the play, which you can try to bring to life yourself. The secret to moving a table puppet is good cooperation skills, since most of the time this type of puppet comes to life thanks to three actors.



In the marionette room, you can see what the puppets look like before they get painted or put on costumes. The exhibition has a miniature marionette stage where you can try moving the marionettes yourself. In addition, the oldest preserved theater puppet in Estonia - Tiiu from 1938 - is exhibited in this room.


It is possible to learn more about different types of puppets at the event "Meeting the actor and puppets" held on Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. The actors of the Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences present their own work and puppet roles. During the meeting, several secrets of theater life are revealed - the actor introduces both his behind-the-scenes and onstage work and shows the puppets he has played with in productions.


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