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VIRU FOLK 2021 Slavic year.

21.July 2021
The family festival Viru Folk

The family festival Viru Folk has offered experiences of Nordic music for 13 years. The culture of many Nordic countries has been introduced, with a focus on one region or people each year. This time, the festival will focus on the culture of the East Slavic peoples, including their music, cinema, cuisine, etc.

This time, the festival will take place in the wonderful Käsmu captain’s village from 6 to 8 August. Performers from Estonia and Ukraine include Go_A (UA), Kyiv Ethno Trio (UA), AveNue, Metsatöll, Jäääär & Stanislav Bulganin, Aleksandr Ivaškevitš, Puuluup, Lõõtsavägilased, Tuulelõõtsutajad and Svjata Vatra.







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