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TV Tower’s VR experience

09.December 2019

Virtual reality experience “Fly around the TV Tower”

In December, a completely new and unique virtual reality experience will open at the TV Tower, where visitors can experience a nerve-wrecking adventure.

The experience starts with a walk on the edge of the TV Tower 175 metres above the ground and continues with a flight around the TV Tower.

This is a unique opportunity to see the TV Tower from an angle you would not otherwise be able to, while enjoying beautiful views of the city and surrounding nature.


The virtual reality experience is viewed with a VR headset and can be experience by two people at one time. The experience takes approximately 10 minutes (the exact time depends on how fast the visitor dares to walk on the virtual edge of the TV tower 175 m above the ground and sit inside the flying machine).

The VR adventure can be watched live by family members and friends from a nearby screen.

Everyone above the age of six, whose health allows for some excitement, can try the VR experience. Safety instructions are given on site.

Tickets for the VR experience can be purchased on the TV Tower website or on site.



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