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Location: Kirikuküla, Helme vald, Valgamaa
Helme church in Valgamaa was turned into ruins at the end of the II World War. It was hit by a German shell. A collision which made the church tower awry. After the war the vicar of the church was deported to Siberia by the Soviet "liberat...
Location: Järve küla, Kohtla vald, Ida-Virumaa
First mentioned in 1497 Järve manor, sometimes carrying a name Türpsal, funny even for Estonians, has a fortified main building with walls two meters thick – thicker than average church walls. The third floor was like a panic room – there was no d...
Location: Käina alevik, Käina vald, Hiiumaa
It was in 1981 that the archaeologists spotted charcoal marks under the church floor – a stone church was erected in 1492–1515 but it had had an even earlier predecessor from the 13th century. Everything was going fine but then the stone building ...
Location: Karksi küla, Karksi vald, Viljandimaa
Karksi valley is one of the most beautiful and famous places in Viljandimaa. Driving down along serpentine road over impounded lake Karksi appears Karksi fortress hill or bastion hill. It is believed that on the well protected by nature abrupt-sloped hi...
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