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Category: Churches
Location: Vana-Asula tn 1, Järvakandi alev, Järvakandi vald, Raplamaa, 79101
Location: Alatskivi alevik, Alatskivi vald, Tartumaa, 60201
The first mentioning of Alatskivi church was in the year of 1636. Both the mentioned one and the descending one were burnt during the many different wars. The one still standing on the Church Hill was erected in 1777–1782. Two old stone crosses in...
Location: Kiriku 9, Narva linn, Ida-Virumaa
Built in the end of the 19th century the biggest church in Estonia was severely damaged in the World War II, among other things its tower was destroyed. Typically it was used as a storehouse during the Soviet time and is only currently being resto...
Location: Valguse tee 1, Ambla alevik, Ambla vald, Järvamaa
The Livonian Order dedicated this simple stronghold looking church to one of their main saints, Virgin Mary. The Latin phrase describing her, Ampla Maria, has given the name to the whole borough. The churches Medieval interior was destroyed in the...
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Tartumaa, Tartu vald, Kukulinna küla
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