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Category: Museums
Location: Tartu maantee 21, Ahja vald, Põlvamaa, 63710
Location: Kastre metskond 18, Kastre küla, Mäksa vald, Tartumaa
Having emerged in the beginning of the III millennium BC the oldest settlement site in Tartumaa by the river Kalli has now hidden beneath three meters thick bog peat layer. The soil has revealed arrowheads of firestone, things of bone and ad...
Location: Valmaotsa küla, Laeva vald, Tartumaa
Alam-Pedja Nature Conservation Area was created in 1994 and it is one of the biggest conservation areas in Estonia. Alam-Pedja Nature Conservation Area is a large lowland in the centre of Estonia. The main values of the area are its ecological diversity...
Location: Alatskivi vald, Tartumaa
Alatskivi landscape preserve is exceptional because of its eskers set in the valley. One of the eskers, Kalevipoeg’s Bed has been a place for a fortified castle of ancient Estonians. Some other objects one should observe while in the preserve: ...
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Läänemaa, Haapsalu linn
Hiiumaa, Kõrgessaare vald, Reigi küla
Läänemaa, Risti vald, Kuijõe küla

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