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Location: Kalda 3, Kärdla linn, Hiiumaa
The oldest dwelling in Kärdla is from the year 1851 but it is an advancement of an even older house that stood at the same spot. A rumour goes the older one was of the Swedish time and had a thatched roof. Even more vicious rumour goes it had no ...
Location: Suure-Jaani vald, Viljandimaa
In 1840s, the religious movement took place in Suure-Jaani parish. The "Russian" religion was introduced to Estonians. The Orthodox congregation of the Suure-Jaani was founded in 1847 and the cemetery in 1911.   The Orthodox Churc...
Location: Vabaduse pst.1, Tartu linn, Tartumaa, 51004
The sculpture in front of the Market Hall symbolizes the fatness of the Southern Estonian soil. The first fields in Estonia appeared in the beginning of the II millennium BC. Pigs have been kept here for a couple of thousands of years.  
Location: Hommiku 11, Pärnumaa
The Red Tower is the only preserved part of the medieval defence wall of the city. The tower was named after the red bricks that used to cover its exterior, but as they have not been restored, then the tower you see today is white instead. You can try t...
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