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Wittenstein Time Centre in Paide Tower

Category Architectural sightseeings, Historical Attractions, Tourism objects, Manor houses, Castles, Museums
Veski 11, Paide linn, Järvamaa, 72713
Coordinates 58.889442, 25.572222
GPS: 58° 53' 22" N, 25° 34' 20" E
Phone (+372) 522 0894
Mobile (+372) 585 02001
E-mail info@wittenstein.ee
Website http://www.wittenstein.ee

When you enter the Tower you come upon a time path, you need to make a little effort to remove a mighty rune stone from the cave mouth, behind which is the prehistoric world and the World Tree. Beneath the mighty tree is a sacred grove by which people can sit and view the play about the land of Estonians – from the beginning until the last Vikings – and feel like you are in an antique theatre, where besides entertaining they also educated you.

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