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Erbu Canoe trips

Category Active tourism
Võhmanõmme küla, Põltsamaa vald, Jõgevamaa, 48028
Mobile (+372) 516 0279
E-mail ebru@hot.ee

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Category: Active tourism
Location: Lutsu 5, Tartu linn, Tartumaa, 51006
St. Anthony’s Courtyard, where the activity of St. Anthony’s Guild is organised, is situated in Jaani Quarter, historical centre of Tartu. This is a place where art is created and loved and where genuine master craftsmen work. This is a place where hist...
Category: Active tourism
Location: Loodna küla, Märjamaa vald, Raplamaa, 78113
In all our family has 16 horses in different age and breed. Mostly we have estonian horses, sport ponies and horses for riding and breeding. Annually borns 2 foals. Our oldest horse is Vigri. She is 32 years old. With our horses lives here more 15 horse...
Category: Active tourism
Location: Haaviku, Kõrgemäe tee, Saku vald, Harjumaa, 75513

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