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Arnoldi Suveresidents

Category Accommodation, Hostels, Hotels, Motels, Campsites for tents, Saunas, Guesthouses
Bethania talu, Rälby küla, Vormsi vald, Läänemaa, 90301
Coordinates 59.023186, 23.277819
GPS: 59° 1' 23" N, 23° 16' 40" E
Mobile (+372) 505 4331
E-mail info@suveresidents.ee

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Category: Accommodation
Location: Teeristi, Paslepa küla / Pasklep, Lääne-Nigula vald, Läänemaa, 91204
Standing at a crossroads in an unknown place, it is always fun to wonder about the mysterious destinations the diverging roads will take us.   If you are wondering where to stay on your vistit to West Estonia, you are on the right track...
Category: Accommodation
Location: Sepaküla, Haapsalu linn, Läänemaa, 90437
Mihkli Guesthouse is situated West Estonia just 10 km from Haapsalu and 7 km from the port of Rohuküla, making it a perfect stop before heading to the islands. Mihkli Guesthouse is an ideal place for a family holiday. It's also a good venue tor seminara...
Category: Accommodation
Location: Nõmmemaa küla, Lääne-Nigula vald, Läänemaa, 91103

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