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Location: Hargla küla, Taheva vald, Valgamaa
The 1821 built Neo-Gothic church in Hargla, next to Latvia, was not the first one there. A local Latvian-Estonian congregation is known to have existed in the 16th century. The language barrier resulted in establishing an independent Estonian c...
Location: Võnnu alevik, Võnnu vald, Tartumaa, 62401
Being from the Middle Ages in its origin it has its bells from the year 1766 and an organ that is told to have the clearest sonance in Estonia. A noble man Reinhold Gustav von Nolcken died in the battle of Borodino has his grave monument in...
Location: Nissi tee 66, Riisipere alevik, Nissi vald, Harjumaa
The church was built in 1873. Magnificent stained glass windows “St John the Evangelist” and  “St Peter the Apostle”  were made in Riga by H. Beyermann in 1902, a stylish pseudo-gothic interior and artistic paintings in a luminous, slende...
Location: Paistu küla, Paistu vald, Viljandimaa, 69601
The original church was built in the 13th century. The building we see today got its shape in 1876. According to a folk tale, the church got its name because it was visible from afar. The slender Western spire (architect Matthias von Holst, ...
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Tourist Attractions

Tartumaa, Tartu linn
Valgamaa, Otepää vald, Pühajärve küla
Läänemaa, Noarootsi vald, Pürksi küla / Birkas

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